Bet El Institutions

Established in 1977 on a bare mountain in Israel’s Samaria region, Bet El Institutions hosts the largest and most prestigious New York dinner of any Israel organization. Bet El’s leaders take the spirit of the Torah and the Land of Israel and project it in a way that is out of proportion to any other institution of its type. Here is the Bet El Institutions in brief:

Bet El is the largest Jewish town living on the front lines of Ramallah (1300 families!). The people are true idealists living a life of sacrifice. Bet El Institutions is the largest provider of livelihood to the town’s residents and the reason for the influx of most of the town’s young couples. Creating these “facts on the ground” in the face of the international community’s desire to uproot us is perhaps our most significant accomplishment.

The Israel Defense Forces Preparatory Academy in Bet El is comprised of Sephardic, Yemenite and Ethiopian students, many of whom come from socially and economically deprived backgrounds, with little motivation for personal development or service to society. The IDF Preparatory Academy in Bet El is a life-changing experience for these youth, deepening their ties with their Jewish roots, while preparing them physically and emotionally for army service and adult life. The Academy is a project of Bet El Institutions. – Arutz Sheva, Israel’s third largest English online news site, is owned and operated by Bet El Institutions. It reaches millions! They are the pioneers of fighting Israel’s battle in the media. Their national radio station, revolutionized the Israel airwaves promoting homegrown Israeli music and talent, and articulating the legitimate rights of the indigenous Jewish population to self-determination throughout its ancient homeland. – Reaching hundreds of thousands in both Hebrew and English, the Bet El Yeshiva’s Torah MegaSite serves as the primary site for religious-Zionist Torah study. It’s “Ask the Rabbi” section draws questions from many non-religious Israelis making their first inquiries about Judaism. A multitude of video, audio, and written shiurim are online in the spirit of religious Zionism.

Besheva Newspaper, the third largest hard copy circulation weekend newspaper in Israel (120,000!) is owned and operated by Bet El Institutions.

HaMakom – Established by Bet El graduates, HaMakom is Israel’s most class Torah outreach operation located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s bohemian “Shenkin” section. Graduates are also doing outreach in Lod, Modi’in, Yafo, Bet Shemesh, Ramat HaSharon, and more.

The educational institutions of Bet El are of national acclaim. Students from around the country compete to get into the college-age Bet El Yeshiva Center and Kollel Program, the Raaya Girls High School Academy and theBnei Tzvi Boys Yeshiva High School. Together with the IDF Preparatory Academy, the entire student body of Bet El Institutions boasts over 1100 students. They are the cream of the crop of Israeli educational institutions., owned by the Yeshiva, offers the great off-the-beaten-track family tours of Israel.

West Bank Jewish Population Stats  provides a yearly report compiled by Former Knesset Member Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz, Founder of Bet El Institutions, showing the precise Jewish Population in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). Click here to sign up to receive the report.

Recognizing the distressing state of Jewish identity amongst Diaspora young adults, the acceptance of a “two-state solution” within the mainstream American Jewish community and the anti-Israel atmosphere taking hold on many North American university campuses, Bet El Institutions has initiated online educational content and campus-based programs to inspire Jewish students to become characters in Zionist history and to teach them to communicate Israel’s story in a language that appeals to students traditionally active in social justice causes. Our exciting new initiative inspires and trains students with the tools to successfully delegitimize the notion of a “two-state solution” and to engage the most political active – and often the most hostile – students on their campuses.

While the people and students at Bet El carry the burden of defending Israel’s front lines, register for our dinner to show them and the world unwavering support for the return of the Jewish People to all parts of their ancient homeland.